Stainless steel trash can with foot pedal

Stainless steel trash can with foot pedal

The trash bin is very important in the kitchen and bathroom. Anyone can also use it for drawing rooms and bedrooms. This type of trash bin looking very beautiful and safe for pet attacks. Your dog or cat can’t open this stainless steel trash can with foot padel. So, they can’t dirty your room.

There is some stainless steel trash bin but without padel and cover. It is not good for the kitchen. That looks awesome but not safe for the pet. Never choose these types of trash can. The price is almost the same with padel and without padel. So you can easily pick this one.

Why you use it –

  • It is looking very nice
  • It is dog proof kitchen trash can
  • Easily remove garbage from the trash can
  • Price is very compatible
  • Long-lasting trash bin that will save your money

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