Best outdoor trash can to keep animals out

Best outdoor trash can

We have made a lot of research for knowing the best outdoor trash can to keep animals out. Then we found out the Suncast Trash Hideaway. The decorative design of the trash cans is also good as hideaways. But still, if you want to know more about other residential outdoor trash cans, then this article will be appropriate to get some ideas about the finest trash barrels with attached lids. Here is the best outdoor trash can, in order:

  1. Keter Outdoor Trash Can
  2. Suncast Trash Hideaway Outdoor Trash Can
  3. Toter Commercial Trash Can
  4. Suncast Commercial Trash Can
  5. Seville Classics Trash Bin

How outdoor trash can to keep animals out

Outdoor garbage can keep animals out has a great influence on our daily life. Basically, we use two types of trashes one is inside the home and another one is outside known as an outside garbage can holder. It large square container and kept outside of the home. We throw every sort of garbage in trash cans inside our home we put it outside the home into the outside trash bin. Then the next day the garbage will be cleaned by people whoever is in charge of cleaning. Everyone seeks for the best quality trash bin no matter if it is at home or outside. But picking up one of the so many options is a little difficult. We have tried some 50 gallon outdoor garbage can for dog and therefore making this review so you can find as per your choice.

Outdoor trash bins are very important for every dweller so that you can keep the air fresh inside your home and cleaners can take away all the garbage time to time. So, it is also important to know about the best outdoor trash cans and consider one to have at your place. This article will go easy on you to decide the perfect one for your home.

No.1 – Keter Outdoor Trash Can Reviews

Keter outdoor trash can reviewsTo the second one in this review, we would like to introduce the trash bin from Keter. The premise of their product has improved the daily lives. It has made up as perfect for your kitchen, porch, garage or patio. It has built with the style and relaxation in mind and every piece have an attractive natural finish and texture. The trash bin material is ultraviolet light as well as weather damage protected and ensures durability. The water-resistant polypropylene resin material will not rust, peel, rot or decay and keeps it absolutely virtually maintenance-free. So does not matter if it is raining, hailing, sleeting or snowing, the trash bin will stay strong and sturdy year after year.

It has a shiny, compact frame with a gorgeous wood panel inspired design is best suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It has removable liner makes easier to take out trashes replacement of garbage bags and cleaning from inside. The metal handle and hinges add an attractive touch to its durability and give comfort to use. The removable rim keeps the garbage bags secure and refrains from dealing with the trash bags being a slip and making a mess. The bin is also easy to clean that occupies the household cleaners like a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. The attractive wood panel design of the bin gives it a sleek espresso finish and makes it look classic and professional from every appearance.

Why you pick it –

  • The attractive slim tasteful design with durable materials fits the decor and layout
  • The exterior dimension is 15 by 15 by 33.3 inches
  • Fits 30 to 39 gallons trash bags
  • Made of full-size plastic made a removable rim to secure trash
  • The full-sized lid gives an extra-large opening for lifting the trashes out
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Polypropylene resin makes it protected


  • Sometimes the lid does not close properly
  • The hinge is not durable enough
  • The rim does not hold trash bags properly
  • It does not come with handles outside of it

No.2 – Suncast Trash Hideaway Reviews

Suncast Trash Hideaway ReviewsAt the top of this review, we would like to say that Suncast Trash Hideaway is the best outdoor trash bin. More than 3700 customers give them valuable feedback, among them around 82% customer give them 5 out of 5. Keep your yard clean all year round the tagline of the product itself describes the perfection of the product. The beautiful design matches the look with the yard and gives dimension to your well-decorated home. It has featured with latching lid with faux wainscoting design for stress-free opening and closing formula. The process of assembly is totally easy and tool-free.

It has made up with the longer lasting resin. It is able to use standard 30 to 33-gallon garbage bags. Suncast believes in creating a beautiful environment and takes pride in keeping it that way. So it leaves options in front of you in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Their manufacture for the trash can makes it neat and tidy that never been looked so good.

Why you pick it –

  • It is a beautifully decorative outdoor trash container
  • It has 30 to 33 gallons of garbage capacity
  • The exterior dimension is 16  by 15.8 by 31.7  and the weight is around 15 pounds.
  • Made of latching lid
  • The trash can is easy to assemble in just 5 minutes and no tools are needed at all
  • The durable resin construction of the trash keeps it dry


  • Made of cheaper plastic
  • Many ridges inside the trash can
  • Rips apart the trash bags inside
  • Not good for heavy use
  • Customer service is worse

No.3 – Toter Trash Can Reviews

Toter Residential Heavy Duty Two Wheeled Trash Can ReviewsLastly, the Toter trash can be the best for heavy-duty for residence. The low and narrow profile of the trash bin can easily fit through most of the gates and doors. This two-wheeled trash bin has a molded in hinge that is attached to the lid. This offers a service with life expectancy doubled virtually that the other brand. The aerodynamic design generates wind and sets down stability that is compatible with the automated or semi-automated collection of waste truck lifters. The wheels of the trash bin are rugged that gives grip and makes easy to move and the design leads to easy to the slope and rolls no matter if the trash bin is fully loaded. The molding is patented that allows rigidity.

The rim of the trash is also rugged at the top and also apparels strip at the lowermost of the container. The patented Rugged Rim Technology protects the bin in the critical wear areas and a reinforced bottom wear strip. It is able to hold maximum of 50% of recycled content that has attributes to recycle 100%. The manufacturers have made this up in patented stress-free Advanced Rational Molding Process so that it will look good after using it for several years.

Why you pick it –

  • It was designed in low and narrow profile to fit in any place
  • The design is well suited with automated curbside
  • The dimension of the trash bin is 31.8 by 24.2 and 41.8 inches
  • Larger footprints & design makes it stable
  • The rugged design & the wear strip at the bottom makes it stronger
  • The rugged wheels making the can easier maneuver
  • The greenstone finish mask of the trash bin makes it normal to wear and tear and keeps the cart look new for years after years
  • It offers 10 years of warranty but has 15 to 20 years of service life


  • The size of the trash is very small
  • The cap on the bar holds the wheels
  • The wheels break easily
  • Quite expensive
  • Made with cheaper quality plastic

No.4 – Suncast Commercial Trash Can

Suncast Commercial Trash CanSuncast is the name of one of the best trash bin manufacturer company that comes up with the longer-lasting resin wicker trash hideaway. They want to make the environment neat and tidy. Therefore they have made their pride in the creation of a non-pollutant healthy environment. They have made the trash can with sheds and deck boxes in many shapes, sizes, and styles so that you can pick up the appropriate one for you. They also have summed up tasteful and functional accessories to complete the vacant space and make it look more beautiful, organized and perfect.

This trash can has latching lids and is capable of using standard 30 to 33 gallons of garbage bags. It is so easy to assemble only takes five minutes. It also looks fine in both inside and outside the home but adds new dimension and style to the ambiance of the outdoor area.

Why you pick it –

  • It has made up of durable material
  • The dimension of the trash can is 16 by 15.8 by 31.7 inches
  • The design looks best in the yard
  • This hideaway trash is featured with a latching lid
  • The bottom of the trash bin has a solid bottom panel
  • Able to hold up to 30 to 33 gallon-sized garbage bags
  • Keeps it dry inside the trash bin


  • The garbage bag does not stay up
  • Assemble is not easy enough
  • Breaks easily
  • The lid does not close properly
  • Made with cheap hard plastic may break down during assembling

No.5 – Seville Classics Trash Bin

Seville Classics Trash Bin ReviewsOn a third of the list appears Seville Classics Trash Bin. It has the most innovative design using Seville Classics Ultra HD Stainless Steel. This best outdoor trash can with wheels is best for using in the garage, kitchen, warehouse, office, and workspace or even in the man cave. The high quality durable stainless steel has constructed and equipped with the durable removable resin top. It has the capability of a generous 17 gallons that is also convenient for heavy-duty. This outside garbage cans with wheels have four wheels with two locking capability makes it more suitable to use as well as moving from one place to another. It has optionally adjustable leveling feet.

The Seville Classics has used their 30 years of experience in this trash bin that has to lead them as the global leader in home organization and storage solution. The sleek designed outside trash cans with wheels is avered innovative houseware and hardware product for homes and businesses that also gives superior design, quality and adds value. The garbage pails with wheels rip off every time while pulling it up.

Why you pick it –

  • The sleek design of the trash bin adds a new dimension to it
  • It was made of stainless steel body along with the removable and durable resin top
  • Absolutely easy to clean the trash bin
  • It is capable of taking 17 gallons of garbage
  • The dimension of the trash bin is 17.2 by 12.8 by 34.5 inches
  • Ideal for using indoor and outdoor

Through the reviews described, we have made verdict to that Suncast Trash Hideaway deserves to be the best trash bin. The design of the trash bin comprised of the best hideaways and ensures the best quality product for keeping the outside of a home. Also, this trash bin is budget-friendly and can be used many year tension free. But still, we recommend you to verify yourself by visiting the nearest shops and make a decision about the one you actually want to have for your home. This review article will be helpful for you to sort out the best one and pick the best one.

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